Yogi Log: Day 49

2/18/2020 – #LaterGram. Still catching up on publishing!

WHEEL POSE: I’m too big. I’m too heavy. I’m not strong enough. I’m not flexible enough. It’s not for me. All stories I told myself about this pose. Maybe stories you’ve told yourself about yoga. See also: LIES.

Do the work. Today, Day 49, I tried again to press up into wheel, just like every day before. Barely got to the crown of my head, as usual. Gave up. Laid down. Went into bridge. Went down. Wheel. Press up – and in the thought of “this is all my body and I can do”… disruption!!! “Fuck that!” I’m tired of feeling broken and weak and accepting the limitations handed to me by others, keeping me stuck on the top of my head and out of my fullest expression on the mat and in life. Root down. Press up. Push through… and space! Holy shit!! Actual air below my head and lots of it! Full extension. All 230 pounds of me in a full back bend, above the mat, busted shoulder and all.

So – there you have it. Yoga isn’t just for the Instagram, thin, bendy chick in Lululemon tights with 0 body fat – It’s for me. It’s for you. Be careful about believing the lies others tell you to keep you small, out of their way, and away from exactly what you need to realize your power.

Let go. Push up. Push through. Go for it. You are ready now. 


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